Speedo Boys by Hermes
A story of love and discovery.

Speedo Boys – Chapter 09

Speedo Boys
Chapter 9 — Aftermath

From Last time:

“I’m not having a goddamn cocksucker under my roof. YOU!” He yelled at his son, “Get the fuck out!”

Marie was pleading with her husband, saying that the boy was only 13. John didn’t care. He was letting his bigotry rule his thoughts. He stormed out of the room. Donna told Marie that John would calm after a day or so, and that Cole would go to her house if she agreed. Marie quickly told Donna that it was probably for the best, at least she knew he’d be with people who care and love him, she said this looking at Donna when she said care, and Devon when she said love.

Devon took the now sobbing Cole out to Donna’s car, followed by Donna. They left, Cole still crying inconsolably and Devon trying to take the hurt away from one he loved.

They arrived at Devon’s house and the boys went straight up to the bedroom. Cole threw himself onto the bed and sobbed, Devon lay next to him and tried to console his lover. The two boys fell asleep, fully clothed in each other’s arms.

Chapter 9 – Aftermath

Devon awoke, noticing that it was still dark outside, but feeling Cole sleeping fitfully. He was saying something incoherently and Devon just wrapped his arms around Cole and held him. He stayed awake, watching the fitful sleep of the boy he’d come to love.

Around 6:00am, Cole woke up. He saw Devon looking deeply into his eyes and managed a weak smile. Devon tightened his grip on the boy and said quietly that he loved him. Cole was obviously trying to choke back tears and buried his face into the crook of Devon’s neck. Devon just held him, not saying a word, allowing his feelings to pass to his lover unsaid. Soon after, Cole had regained his composure. He and Devon began to talk about the night before. Devon started, “I didn’t remember ordering fireworks to end the meal.” Cole managed a weak laugh at this.

“My dad is such a fucking asshole!” Cole said with anger.

“I guessed as much. Did you even think he might react like this?” Inquired Devon.

“Nope. He always told me that whatever I chose in life, he’d be perfectly fine with. I guess he was talking about a career, not who I can fall in love with.”

Devon felt for his boyfriend, then he had an idea, he looked at Cole and said, “Mom will be leaving in about an hour, do you want to walk over to Matt’s and talk it out with him?”

“Yeah. I see what you meant when you said he was easy to talk to. Maybe he can give us some advice how to defuse this.”

The boys agreed and went down into the kitchen where Donna was sitting drinking a cup of coffee. The boys sat down after getting a glass of juice and some cereal for each.

“Good Morning, Cole. Good Morning Devon.” Donna started. “I want you to know how sorry I am you had to go through that, Cole. You should know you have a home here as long as you want or need it.”

“Thanks. I really don’t understand why he acted like that.”

“Well, honey, not everyone uses their brain before they fly off the handle. He’ll calm down after a day or so, you’ll see.”

Cole wasn’t so sure. He’d seen his dad get in arguments with people and never talk to them again.

They talked about light stuff during breakfast until Donna asked the boys what they were going to do all day. “Well, ” Devon began, “we’re probably going to go hang out by the beach. I think it is probably best we are around a bunch of people.”

“You’re probably right. I don’t think that John would try to do anything physical, but it doesn’t hurt to be safe. I expect to be home about 8:00 this evening. I know I’m imposing on you, Devon, but, can I give you some money to go to the store and get something to make for dinner?”

“Of course, Mom. I told you I like to cook, and it’ll be good to take Cole’s mind off his dad.”

She reached into her purse and pulled out $60.00, asking Devon to get something nice to make for dinner. He took it, commenting that he could add the remainder of the money from the day before and get something REALLY nice.

After that, Donna went up to get ready for work. The boys went back to Devon’s room to change into their Speedos. Devon couldn’t help but look at Cole when he took his clothes off and was stepping into his speedo, but decided that sex at that point probably wouldn’t be right.

They went downstairs just as Donna was opening the door to the garage. “Oh My! Those are nice! I didn’t know boys today wore that kind of swimsuits except on the swim team.”

“We like ’em!” Both boys said simultaneously, causing both to break out into laughter.

Donna smiled, kissed both boys on the forehead and walked into the garage, got into her car and left for work. Cole and Devon threw their towels over their shoulders, went out the front door, and, after making sure the house was all locked up, left on their walk toward Matt’s beach house.


Matt wasn’t on the deck when the boys arrived. They looked in the big glass windows and saw him sitting on the couch watching something on TV, with his laptop open on the couch next to him. They were about to leave and come back later when Matt noticed the boys looking through the window. He motioned to them to come on in.

They opened the sliding glass door and as they entered, Devon said, “We don’t want to interrupt if you’re busy. We can come back if it’s better for you.”

“No, no, I was just reviewing how some of my investments were doing. Come on in and have a seat, unless you’re more comfortable with us sitting outside on the deck.” Matt could see that there was something very important to the boys. He also noticed that they were wearing their speedos. An involuntary image popped into his mind. The boys peeling their speedos down. He shook off the image as Devon replied.

“I guess we can stay inside, it’s not like you’re gonna rape us or nuthin.” Devon said jokingly, with a huge smile.

Devon and Cole sat on the love seat off to the side of the couch that Matt was sitting on. It was smaller than the one at Cole’s and they had to sit almost on top of each other. Their legs and sides were touching, not that they minded one bit.

Matt saw the boys and could feel the love they had for each other. It’s amazing how far Devon has come in such a short time. Matt was amazed at the level of maturity Devon had. He was an obviously very intelligent boy.

Cole looked as he was about to cry when he said to Matt, “I came out to my folks last night and my dad got really pissed and threw me out of the house.”

Matt was physically sick over hearing that statement from Cole. He started to get angry. “That SON-OF-A-BITCH! Doesn’t he know that it wasn’t a choice for you? That you are more brave than almost all the boys in the same position as you because you told them. It’s usually the father that acts like this though. I’m so terribly sorry, Cole.” With this statement, Matt got off the couch and approached Cole. He gave him a hug. Cole grabbed hold of Matt, burying his face in Matt’s belly. Matt felt the almost naked boy holding him and felt strange because he felt his dick starting to get hard. He was embarrassed and confused by this, he wasn’t attracted to boys, never had been. He quickly sat back down on the couch. He didn’t realize that Cole had noticed his near hardon.

The conversation continued for some time with Matt listening and giving the boys advice on how to handle the situation. At some point, Devon noticed the time and told Cole they needed to get to the store to get what Devon needed to prepare dinner. Cole looked at him, but wasn’t ready to leave. He had something he still wanted to talk to Matt about.

“Um, can I stay a while longer and talk to Matt? Is it OK if you go to the store on your own?” Cole asked.

Devon thought a second and realized that he and Cole had been together for almost 3 days non-stop. Even though he didn’t want to, he told Cole, “Sure, I’ll head to the store and meet you back at my place after a while. Mom will be home by 8, so I’ll plan dinner for that time. I love you, Cole.”

“I love you, too, Devon.” Cole kissed Devon passionately, they embraced then Devon got up and left. On the way he realized that he was still just wearing a speedo and thought it wasn’t a good idea to go shopping dressed like this, so he headed home to change.

Meanwhile, Cole and Matt were still in Matt’s living room talking. As Cole looked at Matt and started getting his own boner. “Remember when we talked and I said I’d had sex with another guy?”

“Yes, I do.” Matt replied.

“Well, the other guy wasn’t a boy, it was a man. Well, sort of, it was my cousin who was 22 and I was 11. I didn’t mind it, actually, I liked it. But I guess it made me like older guys a bit.”

“Well, I can understand that, Cole. You don’t have to worry about me taking advantage of that though, remember, I’m here to give you advice.”

“Oh, that’s too bad because I was hoping you could help me with this.” Cole stood and pulled his speedo down to show Matt his boner.

Matt was shocked! He quickly hit the button on the remote to close the curtains so nobody could see inside the fishbowl of a living room. He thought about it and realized that he probably shouldn’t act shocked or upset. Cole was probably trying in some way to vent the feelings from the night before. “Nice one, Cole. But do you really want that?”

Cole wanted it. He dropped his speedo and stepped out of it as he walked to Matt and sat on his lap. He reached up to Matt’s neck and pulled his head down and gave him a very passionate kiss. Matt fought back at first, but eventually, gave in and kissed Cole back. Their tongues danced a bit and Cole reached up for Matt’s hand and placed it on his boner.

Instinctively, Matt’s fingers wrapped around the turgid beast between Cole’s legs and began to rhythmically rub it up and down. Matt was in turmoil in his own mind. On a conscious level, he knew he shouldn’t be doing this. But on a purely physical level it felt wonderful.

After a few moments of this, Cole broke the kiss. He looked deeply into Matt’s eyes and said, “You should probably stop that unless you want me to make a mess all over.” He smiled at the expression on Matt’s face.

“Cole, I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry. I probably shouldn’t have allowed that.”

“You liked it, and I know it.” Cole replied looking at the obvious tent in Matt’s shorts. “Come on.” Cole grabbed Matt’s hand indicating that he wanted Matt to get up off the couch. Matt stood. “Where’s your bedroom?”

Matt’s mind was reeling, but he told Cole it was down the hallway. The two walked, actually it was more Cole pulling Matt, toward the bedroom. When they arrived, Cole jumped up onto the bed and lay on his back with his legs spread, looking at Matt very seductively. “Come over here.” Cole said, in a very matter of fact manner.

Matt walked to the side of the bed and Cole reached up and undid the snap on Matt’s shorts. He pulled down the zipper and saw Matt’s boxers come into view. He pulled the shorts over Matt’s hips and allowed them to fall to the ground. He reached into the fly of the boxers and his hand found Matt’s hard cock and began to feel it.

Matt was so shocked by what was happening, and that he was allowing it, not to mention enjoying it very much, that he couldn’t move nor speak. He stood there with his shorts at his ankles and a 13-year-old boy feeling up his cock and balls. He felt a gentle yet firm tug on his dick and he lost his balance and fell onto the bed. Within a second, Cole was laying on top of him giving him another passionate kiss.

When Cole broke the kiss this time, Matt felt the boy reaching to unbutton his shirt. The boy was obviously very excited because Matt could feel the boy’s boner pressing into his thigh. Cole undid all the buttons of Matt’s shirt and opened it. Cole began to kiss down Matt’s chest, pausing to suck on one of Matt’s nipples. While he was doing this, his hands were reaching down to the waistband of Matt’s boxers pulling them down. Matt involuntarily lifted his butt a little so Cole could pull his boxers down.

When Cole got to Matt’s now throbbing erection, he licked the glowing head before he took it into his mouth. Matt was amazed at how good a blow job the 13 year old was giving him. At this point, the little head took over for the big head and Matt pulled Cole’s legs over so he could get Cole’s penis into his own mouth. He sucked on the boy’s 5 inches taking it to the root almost immediately.

They were frantic in their actions unlike when Cole and Devon made love, this was sex. Pure, unadulterated, sex. After a very short time, Cole could feel the building orgasm in his loins and could feel by how tense Matt’s muscles were that he was almost there as well. Moments later, Cole began shooting into Matt’s mouth. Matt tasted the boy’s immature seed and it was like the nectar of the gods. This caused his own orgasm to take over and he came into Cole’s mouth. Cole swallowed each blast, savoring it on his tongue.

When they had both finished their orgasm, Matt started feeling very guilty for allowing it to happen. The big head had taken back over. He looked at Cole, laying there with a big smile on his face. He stood, pulled his boxers back up and stepped back into his shorts.

Cole was looking at him, wondering why he was getting dressed. Cole wanted to do more than just 69 with Matt.

Matt sat on the edge of the bed, looked deeply into Cole’s eyes and said, “If I were anyone else, I might say you raped me just now, Cole. Please don’t get this wrong, I am not angry with you. But you need to realize that sex isn’t always the answer to make you feel better when you’re sad or angry.”

Cole began to feel tears welling up into his eyes, “Didn’t you like it?”

“Of course I did, you’re very good at that. What I’m saying is, you need to realize something I have told to Devon as well, If sex isn’t right for both partners it’s not right for either.

When he said that, he looked at Matt and felt jealous. “Did you and Devon do stuff? Why else would you tell him that?”

“No, Devon and I have never ‘done stuff’. I told him this when I was telling him about a man who mentored me when I was a boy. I had asked him to have sex with me and he denied me. When he did he told me that.

“I guess you want me to get dressed and leave and never come back, right?”

“No. I do want you to get dressed, but I think we need to talk. About what happened, why it happened, and which one of us is going to tell Devon.”

“Why do we need to tell Devon?”

“Cole, it’s obvious that you love each other, any relationship, and especially gay relationships must be based on trust. If you can’t trust your partner, or he can’t trust you, the relationship is doomed to failure. Don’t keep secrets from each other. Besides, if he were to look at both of us he’d know. I am certain of that.”

Cole got up and walked into the living room, retrieved his speedo and put it on. He sat on the love seat and watched Matt, still bare chested walk in and sit across from him on the couch. “What happened was probably you acting out because of what your dad said. It was quite understandable. I do want to tell you that I did enjoy it and under other circumstances I probably would have done more with you, you’re a very good looking young man. But the relationship we have, you and Devon and me, is one of trust. I feel badly for allowing that trust to be soiled.”

“What we did was because I wanted it to happen.” Cole replied. “And I want to do more.”

Matt was in mental turmoil. He did thoroughly enjoy what had happened, but his conscience was having big problems with it. He sat quietly, processing his thoughts.

Cole looked at the time and decided he should probably leave. He felt that he was making Matt uncomfortable. “I should probably get back and help Devon with dinner. Can I come back? Do you want me to stay away, cuz if you do, I will.”

“I told you before, you and Devon are always welcome here. You can come back whenever you want.”

With that, Cole stood, and gave Matt a friendly hug, said goodbye and walked to the glass door. He turned as he opened it and said, “I really did like that and I hope we can do it again sometime.” Then he walked out the door, closing it when he was outside.

He walked back toward Devon’s house thinking if he should or shouldn’t tell Devon what had happened. At the same time, Matt was sitting on his couch, his face in his hands, crying.

Coming Soon — Chapter 10 – Honesty… or not.

Author’s Note:

It finally happened, but it wasn’t Devon, it was Cole. What will happen next? Will Cole tell Devon what happened? What about Matt? How will he resolve his feelings? I guess we’ll all find out together.

On another note, reading and re-reading these chapters, I’ve come to the realization that Devon is very mature emotionally for his 13 years. I guess that is my ideal of what a 13 year old is capable of. Our society treats boys like pets. They don’t really give them the latitude to be responsible people. I think if we did, more of our 13-year-olds would be more like Devon and Cole. Intelligent, caring, responsible, young adults.



3 Responses to “Speedo Boys – Chapter 09”

  1. All I can say os WOW!

  2. Hmm,

    I have to admit that at 13 I was thinking even guys of 16 were way too old for me, but I realise it takes all sorts to make the world go round.

    I hope though, that you continue to keep the story going on this sort of line, I like the natural seeming, non-judgmental way this story seems to be going…

    Oh and then there were the other kids we met at the mall too.


  3. hey there

    just finished reading Speedo Boys.
    WOW what a read. You had me horned up stom start to finish. Lucky for me the story was complete so i could read it all in one.
    You must have driven your readers mad – waiting for the next enstalment.
    Well done … now to try to find more of your work. Love your style of writing and your maughty mind.

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