Speedo Boys by Hermes
A story of love and discovery.

Speedo Boys – Chapter 04

Speedo Boys
Chapter 4 — Cole’s Surprise

From Chapter 2 (Chapter 3 was a flashback):

“Oh, no, continue, please!” He looked like he was hanging on every word. I was beginning to fear that he thinks he’s in love with me. I decided I needed to defuse it, or at least try to.

“Well, over time, we became very close. I came to care a great deal about him and I believed he cared about me. One day about six months later, I asked him something. I asked him if we could have sex. I was only 13 almost 14 and I was asking some guy who was old enough to be my granddad to have sex. He simply smiled. He put his arms around me and told me he was flattered, but he wouldn’t be comfortable with it. He told me that he wasn’t rejecting me outright, but he wasn’t ready to take that step. It hurt, but I loved him enough to respect his wishes. He told me one time later that if it’s not right for both it’s not right for either.”

Devon didn’t say anything, he simply leaped at me and hugged me for all he was worth. “Thanks, Matt. I feel a lot better, but can we talk again about this sometime?”

“Anytime you like.”

With that he took the remote and opened the deck back up, and, he pleasantly surprised me by remembering to turn off the A/C. “Do you have to go?” I asked.

“No, but it’s a nice day and I think it’s great that two friends can sit and enjoy it together. He smiled and so did I.

We sat like that for a long while, neither saying a word. I was thinking how I had formed what I hoped would be a positive friendship with Devon, he had other plans.

Chapter 4 — Cole’s Surprise

Devon felt a lot better after talking with Matt. Even though he felt better, he was more confused than ever. He thought in his heart he was gay, but really didn’t know for sure.

He was just kicking back on his bed when his cellphone rang. It was Cole.

“Hey Dev, the ‘rents said I could invite you over to stay the night, you wanna?”

“Well, I gotta call my mom to make sure it’s okay, she’s working late tonight. I’ll call you back in a few, k?”

“Cool, it’ll be rad!”

Devon dialed his mom’s cell and it took a long time for her to answer. “Hi Devon, I really don’t have time, is it something important?”

“No, not really, I was just asking if I could stay the night at Cole’s.”

“Actually, I’m going to be here very late tonight, so it would actually be a good idea. I’ll talk to you in the morning.” and she hung up.

Devon called Cole. “I’m on my way over, should I bring anything?”

“Nope, just your cute self. C’Ya!”

‘Just my cute self?’, weird Devon thought. He grabbed a clean change of clothes and a speedo, locked up the house and headed over to Cole’s.

When Devon arrived at Cole’s he didn’t see Cole’s parent’s car. He knocked on the door and Cole answered it, wearing the electric blue Speedo Devon had given him.

“I didn’t see your parent’s car outside.”

“Oh, they’re gone for a couple days. But they said I could invite a friend over if I wanted. You want anything to drink?”

“Coke would be ok, thanks.”

“OK, I’ll get it. You want me to order a pizza?”

“Sure, that’ll be great, you need any money?”

“Nah, the folks left me a credit card, so I’m gonna live it up!”

About 20 minutes later the pizza was delivered. Cole paid for it and closed the door. He turned to Devon and said, “Oh – My – God! That guy was fucking cute!”

Devon looked puzzled.

Cole looked at Devon, his closest friend in the world.

“Dude, did I just fuck up? I just figured the way you were lookin’ at the other guys the other day, and the speedos, that you and me were the same. You know, like boys and not girls.”

Devon slumped down on the couch looking scared. He buried his face in his hands and started to cry.

Cole dropped the pizza and ran over to the couch and sat next to his best friend. Devon turned to his friend and wrapped his arms around him, buried his face in Cole’s neck and cried his eyes out. When he regained his composure, he started to talk, without moving his arms or his face.

“I’m scared Cole. I’ve had these feelings for a few weeks and I don’t know what to do about em. I think I am, but I’m not sure.”

Cole lifted Devon’s chin so he could see his face. He really did love his friend and it hurt him to think he was the cause of Devon having so much pain. He couldn’t help himself. He kissed Devon, square on the lips.

At first, Devon was scared, but it really felt good to him, and he did like Cole a LOT. He opened his lips and felt Cole’s tongue enter his mouth. It was electric. It felt so right. His dick started to grow.

Without breaking their kiss, Cole pressed Devon down onto the couch and they started making out. Devon went into automatic and started caressing his friend’s back. He was moving lower and lower and finally reach Cole’s speedo clad butt. He rubbed it and his dick was now fully hard. He felt Cole’s was the same pressing on his belly just below his belly button.

After a few minutes of this, they broke the kiss. Devon spoke first.

“Oh My Fucking God!”

“Great isn’t it?”

“Yeah, and it looks like you liked it.” He pointed to Cole’s Speedo where the head of his dick had slipped out the top.

Both boys laughed at this.

“Well Dev, it looks like you liked it too!” Cole pointed to a wet spot that had started to show on the front of Devon’s cutoffs right where it was obvious the head of his dick was.

Devon laughed, more out of embarrassment than humor.

Both boys sat for a few minutes not speaking. Finally Cole broke the silence.

“Dev, this may sound weird to you, but I’ve loved you since we were in 5th grade. I haven’t done nuthin’ with anyone cuz I really wanted my first to be you.”

Devon listened to his friend and searched his feelings. He did care a great deal for Cole. Hell, he jacked off thinking of Cole. He had made a decision. There would be no way to know for sure if he was or wasn’t gay unless he did something about it.

“Cole, dude, I think I love you too. I don’t know if I’m gay or what, but I liked our kiss and I think I wanna do more with you.”

Cole looked at his friend and soon to be lover, moved closer, and started kissing him again. This time much more passionately than before.

After a moment of this, Cole reached for Devon’s t-shirt and lifted it over Devon’s head. They resumed kissing, but this time both boys could caress each other’s bare back.

When Devon reached Cole’s butt this time, Cole reached around and grabbed Devon’s hand. He moved it so Devon was reaching between them and could caress Cole’s dick.

Devon liked the new feeling. The first time he’d touched any else’s dick other than his own, even though it was through the Speedo.

Cole broke the kiss. Devon looked like he thought he’d done something wrong.

Cole, tenderly said to his best friend and now lover. “It’s okay, I just wanted to lose my speedo. You can take off your pants if you want, or not. It’s okay with me either way.”

With that, Cole slid his speedo over his raging hardon and down his legs, then stepped out of it. Devon couldn’t take his eyes off Cole’s dick.

After a moment. Devon got up the courage to stand and remove his cutoffs. Then he slid his Calvin’s down his legs and was as naked as his friend.

This time Devon made the first move.

He approached Cole and kissed him deeply. Cole reached down and began fondling his new lover’s balls, lovingly feeling the heft of them full of Devon’s seed. He moved his hand up and began to slowly jack Devon off.

Devon was almost in sensory overload at this point. It was all he could do not to shoot his load the moment Cole touched his balls. He felt his knees going weak and stumbled backwards onto the couch. Cole slipped and wound up on his knees on the floor in front of Devon.

They looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Then, Cole leaned head down and took his new lover into his mouth. Gently caressing Devon’s dick with his tongue. He began a slow and rhythmic up and down motion on Devon.

Devon was now totally overpowered by the new sensations and knew he wasn’t going to last long and a moment later he felt the most powerful orgasm he’d ever experienced building. He warned Cole that he was about to explode. Cole kept his pistoning of his mouth up and down Devon’s now lit fuse of a penis. Devon’s balls were drawn up tight to his body and Cole knew he was about to pop.

Devon warned Cole even more forcefully, but could hold out no longer. He came, and came. He thought that he was going to cum his very soul into Cole’s mouth and down his throat.

When Devon had finished, Cole swallowed the last of Devon’s seed. Devon just looked at Cole, wide eyed. “Oh my fucking god! That was amazing!”

“I guess you liked it,” Cole said, “I did too.”

They held each other and calmed down.

During the next several hours and the night that followed, both boys enjoyed each other’s company. Each must have cum at least 10 times. At first Devon only wanted to jack Cole off, but later that night, after Cole had given him at least 4 blow jobs, he decided to give it a try.

Cole was hard… again. They were kissing and Devon started to kiss Cole’s chest, moving down to his belly, then down. Cole expected Dev to skip over his dick and move to one or the other thigh, but was surprised when Devon took him into his mouth. Devon choked at first having taken too much, too deep, too fast, but after a little coaching and practice, not to mention a few reminders about watching where his teeth were scraping, Cole blasted his seed into Devon’s waiting mouth.

Devon savored the taste of Cole’s seed and decided he liked it. A cross between salty and sweet.

At nearly 3am, both boys collapsed onto Cole’s bed exhausted. They held each other in their sleep and slept more contented than they had since they were small boys.

Coming Soon – Chapter 5 – The Morning After.

Author’s Note:

I’m wondering how Devon will handle this when he wakes up and the full effect of the activities of the previous night hit him.

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.



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