Speedo Boys by Hermes
A story of love and discovery.

Speedo Boys – Chapter 22

Speedo Boys
Chapter 22 – Father and Son

From Last time:

The CPS Contingent left without a word as the others were in high spirits. Mr. Averill approached. “As your advocate, Cole, it’s my job to make sure you’re being properly treated. Mr. Johnson, when would be a convenient time for me to come visit with you and your son?”

The sheer magnitude of hearing it for the first time hit Matt. Cole was now his son. His heart swelled. “Mr. Averill, please call me Matt. You are welcome at any time, day or night. Here’s a card with my home and cellular numbers on it. Cole doesn’t have a cellular, but by the time we get home he will have. I will get you his number as soon as he has it.” He turned to Cole, “So, shall we go home, Son?”

Cole laughed and said, “Is it okay if Devon comes over for a sleepover, Daddy?”

Everyone assembled laughed uproariously. The next six months were going to be interesting.

Chapter 22, Father and Son.

Matt started to leave but Cole turned, looking at the boy he was so in love with. He turned to Matt, “Can’t Devon come with us?” Matt looked at his son and was about to say something when Devon interrupted.

“Baby, I’m so very happy about how this has turned out, but you need some time alone with your new dad. My being there would not be right. If it’s okay, I’ll come over later and if both your dad and my mom say it’s okay, I’ll spend the night.”

Both Donna and Matt were very proud of Devon. That had to have taken a lot for him to come to that decision on his own. He was right and everyone present knew he was right. Cole leaped at his boyfriend taking him into a very tight embrace, he whispered into Devon’s ear, “Thanks. I love you, and we’ll see you tonight.” He kissed Devon and released him, took Matt’s hand and they left the courtroom.

Meanwhile, Arthur had requested an audience with Judge Feiner. He entered her chambers and found her watching the events in the courtroom on her closed circuit camera, dabbing her eyes with a tissue. She saw Arthur enter and said, “Arthur, I must admit, I was wrong about you. You are a sentimental old fool.”

“Michelle, I must admit, I was wrong about you as well. I am happy you saw the side of this I was trying to present. Justice for that boy was served today and I am forever in your debt.” Arthur Phelps said humbly.

They talked some smalltalk and Arthur said smiling, “You realize you have created precedent here.”

“As I believe I should have. The more research I did, the more I realized that Gay or Straight, if someone has the drive and passion in their heart, and I’m not talking about sexual passion, to care for a child, and the child is desirous of that person providing that care, we have an obligation to that child to allow it.” Michelle said before continuing, “I understand you’re trying to get a petition signed to attempt to get CPS to officially sanction Gay foster parents. I would now be honored to sign that petition.”

Arthur produced a petition out of his briefcase and presented it to Michelle who signed it. He said, “Michelle, let me be the first to congratulate you. With your signature, we have enough to present this for the ballot. Even if they negate 50% of the signatures, we’ll still be well over the required number.”

The two shook hands and Arthur left her chambers. He was proud of himself for accomplishing this. He was proud of Matthew for the way he handled this. He was proud of Devon for standing by the one he loves unconditionally. And he was proud of Cole for being as brave and true as he was. The statement Cole made in chambers was far better than Arthur could have hoped for. He made his way to his own chambers across the street. When he entered his office, his secretary came to him, very excited and said, “You had a telephone call from the…” She paused to regain her composure then continued, “from the President of the United States.”

Arthur looked at her with dismay. “From Who?” He asked, not believing his ears.

“From the President of the United States, and he left a special telephone number for you to return his call.” She handed him the message.

Arthur retired to his chambers and stared at the note, then the telephone. He looked again at the note. The call had come about 30 minutes prior. He picked up the telephone and dialed. A few moments later it was answered. “Good Afternoon, Mr. President… Yes, Sir…. Yes, Sir… No, Sir… I’m completely flattered, Sir. Thank you, very much. I’ll see you then, Sir. Thank you again.” And he hung up the phone and just stared at it.

He opened the door to his chambers to see his secretary and two of his fellow Judges standing there. He looked at them all blankly and said, “I have to go to Washington, Tomorrow. I’m being nominated to the Federal Bench.”

* * *

James awoke feeling a hard protrusion poking into his butt cheeks. He felt the strong arm wrapped around his chest and the feel of Tom’s even breaths against his neck as he slept. The previous night had truly been a magical night of sex. In the week since he and Tom had met, he had fallen totally and completely for the older boy. It was his new found happiness that caused his mother to corner him the previous morning, asking if he was okay. He’d looked her in the eyes and said, “I’m in love, Mom. And he’s the most wonderful person in the world.” At first she hadn’t completely heard his words.

Finally she got a look of awareness and said, “I am happy for you, James. It’s a surprise to me that you fell in love with another boy, but, all I really care about it that you are happy and safe. What’s his name?”

“His name is Tom, Tom Wheeler. He 15 and a friend of my friends Devon and Cole. He’s special Mom, he really is.” He was made even happier when he heard the tone of his mother’s acceptance. He never doubted she’d be supportive, but telling her, he thought, would have been harder than this.

“If it’s okay, I’d like to meet him, James. Not to pass judgment, but to let him know I’m here for both of you. Would you like to invite him over for dinner?”

“Thanks Mom, I think he’d like that. I know I will. If it’s okay, I’d also like to invite his parents, they’re nice folk too.”

She was surprised, but also pleased. She agreed then started making preparations for the dinner. James called Tom, and, after a few minutes of love talk, invited the family over for dinner. Tom asked his parents and they got directions after telling James they’d be there.

* * *
Devon and Donna walked out of the courtroom and to their car. Once seated, Donna turned to Devon. “I’m so proud of you, Devon. It wasn’t easy, I know, for you to tell Cole to go alone with Matt. Since this all started, you two have been together pretty much 24/7. You have shown you deserve to be treated as an adult, regardless of your physical age. You have my trust, it’s my hope you never show me that trust was misplaced.”

“Thanks Mom. I didn’t do anything other than what you taught me. I’m truly lucky to have a mother like you. And Cole is truly lucky to have a dad now, a dad like Matt. As far as trust is concerned, thanks. I will try to never make you feel you were wrong.”

Donna hugged her son. “And, since you put it the way you did, you have my permission to spend the night with Cole, if Matt says it is okay.” She wiped a tear from her eye, straightened up and they drove off toward home.

* * *
Cole was giddy in the Cellular Phone shop. He had a hard time deciding on the right cell phone. He’d never had one before. He and Matt looked over the various phones and Cole selected a modest one. Matt looked at his choice, and it was sensible, but, he wanted to spoil his new son a little. He asked, “Wouldn’t you rather have a Blackberry, or an Iphone?”

“Um, sure, but, I can’t make you spend that much on me. Not when the one I picked will do what I need it to.” Cole said, but was eying the sleek Iphone.

Matt said, “Okay, I’ll get the paperwork done, here’s some money, you can go next door and get a bite to eat if you want, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Cole took the $20 bill and left to go to the food park. He’d just sat down with his plate of Chinese food when Matt joined him. Cole went to give Matt the change, but Matt said, hang on to it, you may need it. Matt went and got himself a cup of coffee, leaving the bag with Cole’s new phone sitting with Cole.
When Matt returned, he’d noticed the bag had not been disturbed. He turned to Cole, “Did you look at your new phone?”

“Nah, it’s like the one Devon has, so it’s not a big deal.” Cole said.

“We need to get you a new wardrobe, so after you eat, we’ll go shopping for Clothes.”

“Okay, can we stop by the swimwear shop? I’d like to get some new speedos. And if it’s okay, a new one for Devon.”

Matt smiled telling Cole that wouldn’t be a problem. He sipped his coffee looking at the boy who was now his son. He was filled with love for this boy. When Cole had finished, he said, “Why don’t you unbox your phone and call Devon. Tell him if it’s okay with his mom, he can stay tonight in your new room.”

Cole reached into the bag, expecting to pull out the phone he’d chosen. He was surprised then when he removed the box and there was a new Iphone. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He jumped up and hugged his new dad. “Thanks Matt. I gotta be the luckiest boy in the whole world. I got the best boyfriend and the best dad now!” He kissed Matt on the cheek then opened the box, turned on his new phone and dialed Devon’s number.

“Hello?” Devon asked, not recognizing the number that appeared on his Caller-ID.

“Hey, Babe.” Cole said. “Save this number, it’s my new cellphone. Dad got me an Iphone, ain’t that cool?”

“An Iphone! Mega Cool! Mom said I can stay tonight. Did you find out from Matt if it’s okay?”

“Yeah, we’ll pick you up on our way home. Well, gotta go, I love you!”

“I love you too, Babe. I’ll see you later.” Devon said and ended the call.

Matt and Cole, now Father and Son, left the food park and walked over to the swimwear shop. Cole made a beeline to the speedo table. He’d selected 7 of the nicest ones for himself. The clerk, noticing what Cole was buying came over and said, “We have a few really special ones, if you want I will bring them out for you to look at.”

“Thanks.” Cole replied. He continued browsing while the young clerk went into the back and retrieved several more garments. He returned and showed them to Cole. One was really spectacular. He was a space scene that was printed on a black silk speedo. Cole knew that was the one he wanted for Devon.

Cole looked at Matt who nodded. All the while Cole was looking at the Speedos, Matt was on his telephone doing something that to Cole sounded like just more boring business. Matt told Cole to browse a few minutes, and he’d be right back.

About 10 minutes later, Matt returned and handed Cole a credit card. He’d expected it was one of Matt’s until he looked at the embossed name. It said, “Cole Allerd Johnson”. Cole looked at Matt, then back at the new American Express card.

Matt said, “That card is attached to my account. There’s an American Express agent here in the mall and I had them process it as soon as the Judge said you were mine. I want you to show responsibility in using it and not go hog wild. I trust you, Son.” Matt watched a tear fall down Cole’s cheek.

They embraced. The clerk also had a tear falling down his cheek. He wished his Dad felt the way Matt obviously did. Matt said, “Well, go pay for your purchases.”

The Clerk and Cole went to the register. “You have a pretty cool Dad, dude.” The clerk said as he was ringing up the speedos.

“Yeah, I just got him today. He’s my foster dad.” Cole said proudly.

The clerk didn’t pry, even though he was curious. He handed Cole the credit slip and Cole was amazed when he saw the total. 8 Speedos, $235.00. “Wow, these are expensive!”

“Well, the special one was $125. It’s a one-of-a-kind. It was handmade stitch by stitch.” Cole didn’t care. He signed the slip and took the bag the clerk handed him. He thanked the clerk and, placing his new credit card in his wallet walked back to Matt and they went out of the store.

The rest of the day was spent buying more clothes. In all, Cole’s new credit card was used for an additional $1,500 of clothes and other stuff for Cole’s room. They loaded everything up into the car and headed to Devon’s house.

The arrived and Cole ran into the house, followed by Matt, who, stood at the door and knocked. Donna said, “Just come on in, in this house, you’re family.”

Matt thanked Donna and they talked while Cole and Devon got their stuff together to stay at Matt’s that night.

Cole decided not to give Devon his speedo until later, but they both were in awe over Cole’s new Iphone and credit card. They sat on Devon’s bed talking animatedly. Cole leaned in and they kissed. He said, “That was just an appetizer, I have a full course meal planned for you later.” He winked and Devon, uncharacteristically blushed.

They left Devon’s house on their way to Cole and Matt’s place.

* * *
James spent two hours getting ready for his dinner to introduce Tom and his family to his Mother. He couldn’t believe how nervous he was. He tried on at least 7 different ensembles trying to get exactly the right look. He thought to himself, ‘yup, this proves it, you’re gay, gay, gay!’

On at least 4 occasions he went downstairs and asked his Mom how she was doing, and if she needed any help. She thought he was acting like a giddy bride to be, and she decided, maybe he was.

FINALLY, Tom and his parents arrived. James literally ran to the door, but stopped before opening it to give himself one last glance in the mirror to make sure he looked exceptional. He opened the door and saw Tom and his parents standing there. Tom leaned in and gave him a tender kiss on the lips and a hug. James melted. After that, James took Mr. Wheeler’s hand and shook it, “It’s very nice of you to come for dinner, Sir.”

“Why thank you and your mother for inviting us, James. Please, call me Tom, or if that’s too confusing, you can, if you want, call me Dad.” He winked.

James then hugged Mrs. Wheeler. “Welcome to our home, Ma’am.”

“Why thank you James.” She replied.

James showed them into the house. Mrs. Wheeler looked around and said, “Very nice home.” This was said as Melissa, James’ mother entered.

“Thank you, I’m Melissa Gilbert, James’ mother.”

Mr. Wheeler shook her hand and said, “I’m Tom and this is my wife Donna Wheeler. It’s very nice to meet you and thank you again for inviting us for dinner.”

“It was James’ idea, but I think it was a good one.” Melissa said.

James looked at the ‘adults’ and said, “I think Dinner will be ready in a minute, why don’t we go to the dining room. Can I bring anyone anything to drink?” James was trying to appear so mature and grown up. Melissa thought it was sweet.

Tom couldn’t help but notice what a fine looking boy James was. He thought again that his son had pretty good taste in cute boys. “Thank you, James, I’d love whatever you would like to serve us. Mrs. Gilbert, I brought a bottle of wine that we can share after dinner.” He said this handing the chilled bottle to her. She took it and said she would keep it cold.

Tom and James went into the kitchen to get the drinks while the parents talked. As soon as they were inside the door, Tom grabbed James and the two shared an almost violent kiss. Tongues darted into the others mouth as they jostled for position. Hand roamed over backs and butts as the two kissed. It only lasted moments, but both were shocked at the intensity of their joining.

Tom looked at James and in a breathless whisper said, “You are the most amazing boy I’ve ever met. I love you.”

James’ blush got deeper and he was unable to get his voice to work, but he mouthed, “I love you, too.”

They broke their embrace just as Melissa came into the kitchen. She’d noticed that no glasses had been set up so she assumed the two were sharing a ‘moment’. She decided not to say anything, but told them that Dinner was ready and they should get the drinks out and have everyone take a seat.

The dinner was superb, Melissa had gone all out. The Wheelers were duly impressed. The conversation was light. When the topic of the boy’s relationship had come up, the talk was all positive. Melissa, sensing the question her son was hoping for asked the Wheelers, “If it’s okay with you, I’d like to ask if Tom would like to stay the night.”

The boys looked at Mr. Wheeler with anticipation. Mrs. Wheeler tried, fairly unsuccessfully, to hold back her shock. She knew what THAT meant. Tom, Sr. said, “I don’t see a problem with that.” Then he took out some money and gave it to Tom so he could get a cab home sometime tomorrow.

The adults retired to the living room to talk as Tom and James went upstairs to James’ room. Once inside they renewed their kiss from the kitchen. After a few minutes of this, Tom broke the kiss. “We should wait a little while. My parents will be leaving soon, then we don’t have to worry about being interrupted.

The two sat at James’ desk and turned on the computer. They went to Nifty and decided to read a few stories together. About 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door. James called for whoever to come in. It was Tom’s Dad.

When he saw that they were just reading something on the computer he was kind of surprised. He’d not forgotten showing up and finding Tom, Devon, and Cole having sex in the hotel. That was why he decided to check on the boys himself, instead of with his wife. He told them to have a good time, but to remember to get SOME sleep. Tom hugged his dad and promised he’d be good. James hugged Tom’s dad too saying, “I’ll make sure he’s good, Dad. VERY good!” Then broke out into giggles. Tom Sr. just shook his head and smiled. The Wheelers bid farewell to Melissa who assured them the boys would be okay. She promised to bring Tom home the next afternoon.

* * *
Matt, Devon, and Cole left Donna at home. They headed to Matt and Cole’s house. Once they arrived and Matt had the car parked in the garage, the three unloaded all of Cole’s purchases. Matt showed Cole to the room he would occupy as his own and they set the bags with Cole’s things on the bed. Cole and Devon looked around and were surprised. This room was like another Master Suite. It had it’s own in-suite bathroom. Devon called Cole into the bathroom. “It has a Jacuzzi tub, Cole!” Devon said with a smirk. “This is going to be fun!”

Cole gave Devon a knowing grin. They started unpacking Cole’s new clothes and Devon was really impressed. Cole’s new wardrobe was fantastic. Cole got to the bag from the swimwear shop and showed all but the special one to Devon. He stripped and started modeling each speedo in turn. Devon was pleased that Cole was enjoying the speedos. Finally, Cole looked at Devon and told him, “Strip. I got a surprise for you.”

Devon expected some sort of sex for his surprise so he truly was surprised when Cole handed him a closed box sealed with a ribbon. Devon held the box and was about to ask why he needed to strip when Cole told him, “Well, open it!”

Devon pulled the knot on the ribbon which he then pulled away, allowing him to open the gilded box. When he got the top off he started peeling away the tissue and saw the black cloth. Once he’d gotten the speedo out of the box he was amazed. It was the most beautiful garment, let alone speedo, he’d ever seen. It was so intricate. He felt the fabric and said, “Is this…” Cole interrupted, “Silk. Yes.”

Devon dropped the box and stepped into the speedo, the feel of the silk on his bare skin was sensual. He said, “Wearing these I’ll have a boner all the time!” Cole replied, “I hope so!”

They called out for Matt to come look. Matt stood in the doorway and let out a wolf whistle. “Damn Dev, you look good enough to eat!”

Cole looked at his new dad and said, “Sorry old man! He’s mine! Looky but no touchy!” This caused all three to bust out into laughter. Matt took this as a perfect opportunity to have the talk he needed to have with both boys.

Matt asked the boys to sit. They did, on the edge of the bed. Matt appraised both, clad in their skimpy speedo swimsuits, amazed at the beauty of the pair. He began talking.

“You two have to be the most fantastic looking boys around. Nobody can know about the little we’ve done, if you get my meaning, and, I need to say it cannot happen again. You two have each other. For the next half a year or so, we’re going to be under a microscope so I don’t need to tell you how careful we need to be. So, I’m going to leave you two to celebrate in a way I expect you planned. But before that, what would you guys like for dinner?”

Devon said, “Matt. What happened between us was a wonderful thing. But as you said, Cole is more important than that. Maybe at some point we can do more, but for now, we need to make sure Cole is okay and that he gets to stay with you.”
Cole said, “I appreciate everything you’ve both done for me. I love you both. I gotta be the luckiest kid in the world. I got Devon as the best boyfriend and Matt, now as the best Dad in the world. I love you both with all my heart. Dad, for dinner, all I want is Devon.” He looked at his dad and winked with a sly grin.

Matt embraced both boys at the same time, planting a kiss on each of their foreheads. He told them to have fun, turned and left the room, closing the door behind himself.

Cole took Devon into his arms and pulled him down onto the bed. He straddled Devon’s waist, both still clad only in their new speedos. He leaned down and the two began making out. Allowing all of their passion to flow between them through their tongues which wrestled about in each others mouths.

They kissed and caressed each other for a good 10 minutes when Devon got the inkling of an idea. He broke their kiss and, tugging Cole’s hand, got them both up and on their feet. He led Cole, still in his new speedo, into the bathroom. He set the controls and started filling up the Jacuzzi. As it filled, Devon locked lips again with his lover. Hands meandering down Cole’s smooth back until he reached the waistband of the speedo.

He hooked his fingers into the waistband and began to pull downward. He’d gotten it down below Cole’s cute butt but it seemed to snag. It was then he realized that the front was hopelessly caught up on the boy’s erection. With his other hand, he reached down and unsnarled the cloth from Cole’s tumescent member and the skimpy garment fell to Cole’s ankles. Cole stepped out of the small patch of cloth and his hands reached down and nearly ripped the one-of-a-kind speedo from Devon’s body.

The tub was sufficiently filled by this time and they set the controls to turn on the jets and turn off the supply of water filling the tub. Together they stepped down into the sunken tub luxuriating in the warm bubbly water. Devon sat on the built-in bench and Cole sat on his lap, facing him. They renewed their tongue duel.

Cole felt Devon’s hard nail poking at his backside and, with now practiced comfort reached down and held it, lowering himself to impale himself onto Devon’s rampant cock. Cole lowered himself until Devon was fully ensconced into that warm chute and held himself there, using the muscles in his anus to massage his lover’s tool. All the while, their solitary oral expression continued ever so slowly gaining in intensity.

Cole began ever so slowly raising and lowering himself to stimulate his partner. The effect was not lost on Devon. He knew it would only be a matter of a few short minutes before he was beyond the precipice. Devon took his hand and maneuvering it between them took Cole’s steel hard penis into his hand and began wanking it at roughly the same pace Cole’s ass was using on his own dick.

For several minutes this continued. Slowly bringing them both to the promised land. Devon recalled a story he’d read on Nifty where a writer described that stroke which triggered orgasm as ‘the paradise stroke’ and he could think of no better description. So, on his own ‘Paradise Stroke’ he moaned loudly into Cole’s mouth as Cole felt his lover’s organ inflate even further. He felt the first blast of superheated cum spray into his colon and this triggered his own explosion.

They broke their kiss and, as Devon was filling Cole’s insides, they watched at Cole ejaculated into the water. Long strands of cum were shooting out of Cole’s dick and stringing into the water, floating in long tendrils. The moans in the room were deafening. On the other side of the house, Matt could hear the cries and couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous. It had been a long road, but there he was. A father. Tears of joy were streaming down his face hearing his son, HIS SON, sharing the ultimate love with his Devon.

The day Devon came into his life was a turning point. One that he’d neither expected or desired. Yet, he knew in his heart that it was meant to be.

Devon and Cole spent the night, neither getting any sleep. They shared each other in the tub, on the bed, on the floor, out on the balcony, without care as to who saw them. (Luckily, the balcony of Cole’s room was in the back of the house, with a wall obscuring view of it from any angle other than from directly above.)

* * *
Cole awoke from his nights sleep refreshed. It had been 3 months since he’d come to live with Matt and things couldn’t have been better. He and Devon had started back to school and today was the first day of their Thanksgiving holiday. James and Tom had become quite an item. They were together nearly everywhere except at school since Tom lived so far away. Devon, Cole, and James had come out at school and they were surprised at the acceptance they had gotten from their classmates.

Several other boys had come up to them to express how brave they thought the trio was and two others even came out to them, asking that they continue to keep their secret at school. Today is Devon’s 14th Birthday. Cole’s will follow in 3 weeks. Cole looked at the clock and saw he had about an hour before Mr. Averill, his advocate, came to see him on his monthly visit.

Things were going well. The arrangement was working out, much to the dismay of the assholes at CPS. Cole hopped out of bed, pulling on a pair of bikini briefs and padded into the kitchen. He turned on the coffee pot for Matt, and poured himself a glass of juice. He’d started getting out the fixings to make breakfast, something that Devon was teaching him, how to cook.

He had breakfast nearly done when Matt, in his robe appeared at the doorway to the kitchen. Matt kissed Cole on the forehead as was usual and said, “Good Morning, Son.” (He still was in awe of the fact that Cole was his son.)

“Morning Daddy.” Cole said in his own way. He preferred calling Matt ‘Daddy’ because his usual method of talking to his biological asshole, um, father, was to call him ‘Dad’. “Breakfast will be done in a minute. Remember, Mr. Averill will be here in about 25 minutes.”

Matt sat at the table drinking a cup of coffee. He had a pensive look on his face. Cole looked at the clock and said, “Breakfast in 5 minutes, I think we should get dressed so we’re not here in our undies when Mr. Averill gets here.”

They both hurriedly got dressed and Cole returned to the kitchen in time to dish up breakfast. They sat together and as they were consuming their repast, Matt said, “Cole. I have a question. You have been here 3 months. We have a court date in another 3 months. I’d like to know if you would prefer that we have a little surprise for the Judge. Would you like to be, not my Foster Son, but my Adopted Son?”

Cole heard the words and his emotions swelled. “DADDY! You know I’d like that more than almost anything!” He jumped up and wrapped his arms around Matt. This emotional moment was broken with the ringing of the doorbell. Mr. Averill was there.
* * *
Arthur sat in front of the panel that had been questioning him these last 4 days. They had asked him his position on many of the hot button issues facing the country and he’d answered honestly, but holding back enough of his own personal beliefs so as not to attract the ire of his inquisitors. The question before him was on he’d not anticipated. The Senator from Alabama, a devout Southern Baptist asked, “Mister Phelps. What are your feelings, not your position, but your heart’s feelings on the issue of Gay people adopting?”

He thought a moment then began, “The question of adoption, according to the law, is one where the interests of the child in question are tantamount. Regardless of the orientation of the adoptive parent or parents, it would be the responsibility of a jurist to determine if 1) The prospective parent possesses the financial means to provide for the child. 2) If the prospective parent has the ability to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for the child to grow up in. Finally, 3) If the child, knowing the prospective parent, desires the adoption. In my heart, my feelings are, if someone has the three tests above met, whether they’re Black, White, Red, Straight, Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, American, Russian, Asian, or any other class, the adoption should be granted.”

The Senator appraised Arthur and a frown appeared at his mouth. “You mean, Sir, that you have no feelings that an adoptive parent be able to provide a proper Religious or Moral upbringing of the child?”

“Of course, but, in my feeling, one’s sexuality doesn’t necessarily come into play in that aspect.” Arthur responded.

The Senator yelled back, “How can you say that! If a child is placed in the home of a ‘HOMOSEXUAL’, (this last term said with venom) how can you assume the child will be brought up in a moral way, considering the very nature of the family unit is immoral!”

Arthur turned to the remaining members of the panel. “Our forefathers had the insight to provide for a Separate Judiciary. Also, our forefathers in their wisdom decided that a complete separation of Church and State should exist. It would be improper for any Jurist, let alone representative of his constituents, to allow his own Religious Dogma to dictate his actions. He needs to look at the issue on it’s merits, not his own personal bias or beliefs.”

The Senator tried to rebut, but was cut off by the chairman of the committee. “I believe we’ve heard enough. I would hereby move for a vote of confirmation on this nominee.” Another member of the 13 member panel seconded the motion. The Chairman said, “All those in Favor, please raise your right hand.” He paused after noting the count on his legal pad, “All those opposed.” Another pause, “By a vote of 9 to 3, with one abstention, I would like to congratulate Federal Judge Arthur Phelps on his confirmation.”

There was a scurry of activity as the press in the back of the room hurried out to file their reports. Arthur stood and said, “I would like to thank this committee for their efforts. I shall endeavor to uphold the laws of this land in the spirit for which they have been made.”

* * *
Devon was sitting in the living room with Donna watching the morning news. The reporter starts talking about the confirmation hearings going on for Judge Phelps and both focused their attention. They heard:

“…longest period of questioning of a nominee for the federal bench in several years… This just in, by a vote of 9 to 3, with one abstention, Arthur Phelps is now the newest Federal Judge in the country. He’s expected to return to Los Angeles where he’ll take over for retiring Federal Judge Albert Peterson, who was scheduled to retire last month.”

Donna and Devon exchanged glances and Devon reached for the telephone. He called Matt. “Did you hear the news?” Devon asked?

“No, we’ve been here talking with Cole’s advocate. What happened?” Matt asked.

“Judge Phelps is now Federal Judge Phelps.” Devon said proudly.

Matt let out a brief cheer, then it could be heard that he was explaining his reaction to Cole and Mr. Averill. “Devon, thanks for calling. We WILL be seeing you for lunch today, won’t we?”

“Yeah, Mom and I will be there.” Devon said, fully expecting it to be a surprise birthday party why else would they insist that Donna be there too.

Mr. Averill was very happy for Matt and Cole’s revelation that Matt intended to file for Adoption. He told them that if they wished to file it before the hearing he would facilitate it getting into court prior to the 6 month hearing. Matt decided, with Cole’s agreement, to get his attorneys working on it immediately and they’d notify Mr. Averill when the paperwork was complete.

They showed Mr. Averill to the door and began preparing for the party. James and Tom would be there shortly along with their other classmates. Cole had insisted on making Devon’s birthday cake on his own, but Matt had ordered a caterer for the remaining food for the party. The dress code for the boys was Speedos, as if there were any doubt. The guests were supposed to arrive at 11:00 and Donna had agreed to make certain that she and Devon were ‘running late’ and would arrive between 12 and 12:30.

Donna had wished her son a Happy Birthday when he woke up, but, other than that was playing it down. They went about their usual routine and about 11:00, Devon went up to his room, took a shower and dressed in his special Space themed silk Speedo, then pulled a pair of board shorts and a t-shirt on. He slipped into his sandals and headed downstairs. Donna was still in her robe and Devon started getting antsy. “Come on, Mom, we’re going to be late! Cole is making lunch and I want to be there on time!” Donna went back into her bedroom and ‘took her time’ getting ready. She hated doing it, but she ignored Devon’s repeated knocks and admonishments to get ready faster.

FINALLY Donna was ready about 11:50. Devon ushered her out the door and together they started walking to Matt and Cole’s house. They arrived at about 12:15. Matt had ushered everyone into a back bedroom and Cole and he were watching television when Donna and Devon entered. “Oh, Hey!” Cole said.

“Sorry we’re late, Mom was way slower than normal getting dressed today.” Devon said with an uncharacteristic scowl at his mother.

Cole and Matt chuckled. “Lunch will be ready in a few, why don’t we sit and talk a bit.” Matt said. “Cole, can you go get my PDA from my room, please.”

Devon and Donna sat on the couch as Cole hopped up and ran to the back of the house. Before they could start talking, Devon heard a commotion. Within seconds 20 people filed into the living room, all yelling, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEVON!”

Devon was actually surprised. He’d expected a party but to see 20 people, most of them wearing nothing but a speedo was amazing. Tom and James came up to Devon and kissed him on either side of his face wishing him a Happy Birthday. Tom said, “I remember my birthday party. You and Cole made it a very special day. First, you helped me to come to grips with who I really was, and also led me to meet the greatest boyfriend I could ever hope for. I love you, Devon.” Devon smiled and before he could respond to Tom another friend from school came up to him. “I never thought in a million years I’d wear one of these, but now that I have one on, I think I kinda look hot! Happy Birthday Bro!” Devon was overwhelmed. Tom’s dad was there and he was even wearing a speedo! Devon couldn’t help but laugh when he saw him. Matt’s ex-lover John, the investigator was there also in a speedo.

The caterers arrived and served a sumptuous meal. Once everyone had eaten, Cole, who up till that point hadn’t left Devon’s side disappeared. Devon was searching for him when the lights went out. It was early evening by this point so the room was thrown into shadow. The door to the kitchen opened and Cole carried out a cake. It was a rich chocolate cake with 15 candles blazing. You know, one for each year and one for luck. Cole set the cake on the table in front of Devon. The cake had a boy wearing a speedo on it. Cole had decorated the cake on his own.

Everyone sang the Happy Birthday song to Devon. He was happy that none of them relied on the quality of their voices for their livelihood. But the sentiment was there and that’s what mattered. Once the cacophony of the song was finished, Devon said, “I really don’t have much to wish for, I already feel as if I have just about everything I could ever want. I have all of you, my friends here. I have the best mother in the whole world. My boyfriend’s dad is probably the best surrogate father I could ever want, and of course, I have my Cole. My true reason for existence. I love you all. So, I’m going to make a wish, and I don’t mind telling you all what it is. I wish that there is never another boy who has to go through what Cole had to go through coming out. If that could happen, I think this world would be a better place.” Devon then took a deep breath and with a mighty blow extinguished all of the candles. As everyone applauded, one of the candles relighted. Then another, and another. Cole couldn’t contain his laughter. He’d used 3 of those ‘trick’ candles that never stayed out.

Devon took Cole’s face into his hands and planted a kiss that made many in the assemblage blush. Matt whispered into Donna’s ear, “I think Devon plans on spending the night.” Donna nodded and replied, “I’m glad neither is female, one of them would be pregnant by now!” They shared a laugh.

The telephone rang and Cole answered it. He went to Devon and told him there was a telephone call for him. Devon picked up the phone, “Hello?”

“Happy Birthday Devon. Have you any idea who this is?” The voice asked.

“Um, Sorry, no, I don’t.” Devon said truthfully.

The voice continued, “I am sitting here with a mutual acquaintance. He’s told me all about you and when he told me it was your birthday I insisted we give you a call.”

“Well, thank you for the birthday wish, but, I’m sorry, who are you?” Devon asked with a puzzled look on his face.

The voice on the telephone changed to that of Judge Arthur Phelps. “Devon, Happy Birthday, Son. The man you just talked to was none other than the President of the United States.”

Devon’s jaw dropped. He then heard the voice of the President back on the line. “I want you to know, Devon. From what Arthur tells me you are a very special young man. I will ask you one thing, if I may.”

“Um, thank you, Mr. President, ask me anything you like!” Devon said. When he did the room got absolutely silent. Donna whispered to Matt, “Did he say, Mr. President?” Matt nodded.

“Devon. You have touched a great many lives. I am going to be in Los Angeles in a few days. I would like to have you, Cole, Matt, and your mother join me for lunch, then I would like you and Cole to do a press conference with me. I plan on introducing legislation that will make it much more simple for young gay men, such as Cole to be Fostered and Adopted by men of such caliber as Matthew Johnson, and I would appreciate it if you would say a few words at the Press Conference.”

“Mr. President, I’d be honored. Thank you.” Devon said. The two exchanged a few more words and Devon hung up the phone in a daze.

Devon hung up the phone and said, “That was the President of the United States. He’s asked me to do a press conference with him in Los Angeles in a couple days. He says he is introducing legislation that will make it easier for gay men to foster or adopt and he wants me, Cole, and Matt to be there and to talk during the press conference.”

Everyone was in awe. They all knew how special Devon was, not to mention how articulate, but this was more than anyone ever expected. They all enjoyed the cake, Cole had done a fantastic job with it. After the rest of the guests had left, Donna, Matt, Cole, and Devon were sitting on the deck talking. Devon looked at their parents and said, “Cole has one more rather special present for me, so we’re going to bed. I love you both, and thanks for being the best parents either of us could ever want.” He kissed both and gave them hugs and so did Cole. The two lovers clasped hands and Cole led Devon into the bedroom. Donna looked at Matt and smiled.

Coming Soon – Chapter 23 – Return to the Judge


4 Responses to “Speedo Boys – Chapter 22”

  1. Happy birthday Devon.

  2. I wish Matt was my Daddy too! Such a wonderful happy fantasy world– should be– maybe could be– someday…..
    Happy Birthday Devon and John Lennon(yesterday)

  3. Happy Birthday Devon and many, many more.

    Great chapter Hermes.

  4. Although I can’t see anyone I know in this situation, the lying part bothers me in Chapter 21, I feel it hurts those who really would want to help, and can’t because of situations such as this.

    But… to this point the story is well written, and in sadness or happiness touches my heart.

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