Speedo Boys by Hermes
A story of love and discovery.

Speedo Boys – Chapter 14

Speedo Boys
Chapter 14 — She said, “WHAT!?!”

From Last time:

Devon and Cole stripped again and climbed into bed. They had to be up before 10 in order to pack up and check out of the hotel before 11, so they decided to watch some TV in bed and just cuddle. With the occasional kiss. Ok, they would lay in bed and cuddle and kiss with an occasional glance at the TV!

After about an hour, they both fell into a peaceful sleep, holding onto each other.

Chapter 14 – She said, “WHAT?!?”

Devon woke up and looked at the clock. It read 9:30 so he knew he had about 30 minutes before he had to make sure Cole was up and they could pack before they left the hotel. He put on a pair of shorts and his sandals and went out the door to the room. He walked to the room next door and knocked. A moment later, the door opened and Devon entered.

He sat down on the chair by the table, waiting. Finally, he heard, “Good Morning, Devon.”

He smiled and said, “Good Morning, Mom.”

Donna hugged her son, looked him right in the eye and said, “I am so happy for you and Cole. Tom seemed like a nice boy too. Did you three have fun yesterday?”

“The pool was alright, but the time we spent in the room was awesome!” Devon said with a mischievous grin.

“You Didn’t!” Donna replied.

Devon just smiled.

“Sometimes, I just don’t know about you. Was Cole okay with it?”

“Mom, it was Cole’s idea. It was kinda neat cuz it was Tom’s first time. He’d been pretty sure he was gay for years, but was too afraid to do anything about it. I felt good about helping him to make, what is it you say to patients, ‘an Informed Decision’.”

“Well, as long as nobody did anything they didn’t really want to do. And from the looks of it, Tom was pretty happy last night at dinner. Before we check out, I want to call the Detective and see what’s going on with John.” She picked up her cell phone and dialed the number.

After a few rings he answered the phone, “Detective Guttierrez… How can I help you?”

“Good Morning Detective, this is Donna Williams, do you remember me?”

“Yes Mrs. Williams, I do.”

“Call me Donna, please. I wanted to know what was going on with John Allerd’s case.”

“Well, I’m afraid it’s not going well. I went to the hospital and the wife said she didn’t want to sign the official complaint. So we couldn’t charge him with aggravated battery.”


Devon was startled. He can’t remember the last time his mother yelled like that over the phone. He looked at his mother and could see the anger in her face.

“So, what happens now, Detective?” Donna asked.

“Well, we still have him in custody for the concealed and non-registered weapon. You have already signed a Trespassing complaint. At this point it’s in the D A’s hands.”

“Okay, Detective, I want to…” Donna started but was cut off by the Detective.

“Mrs. Williams, er, Donna, I just got word on the rest of the charges from the D.A. It seems that the arresting officers failed to read Mr. Allerd his Miranda rights. So the District Attorney’s office is being forced to drop all charges.”

“OH MY GOD! What are we supposed to do? He already came to my house carrying a gun.”

“Well, stay where you are for now. If he went to your house once, he’ll probably go back there. I’ll put a team on your place 24 hours a day for the next couple days. If he shows and enters your property, I’ll have him arrested and I’ll make damn sure the arresting officer does EVERYTHING by the book.”

“Thank you, Detective, it wasn’t the news I wanted to hear, but, please keep in touch with me.”

“I promise, Mrs. Williams, um, I mean, Donna.” The detective said as he hung up his phone.

Donna hung up the phone and yelled, “GOD DAMN IT!!!”

Devon knew it was NOT good news. He sat silently.

“The stupid arresting officers forgot to read John his rights. What kind of stupid… idiotic… Also, Marie refused to sign the battery complaint. Well, we’re going to be here a couple more days at least.”

“Mom, can we not tell Cole for right now? At least for today? I want him to enjoy himself.”

“Honey, he should be told. It effects him more than anyone.”

“You’re probably right. Can I be the one to tell him? After breakfast?”

“Sure Honey. Now go back to him. He’ll probably be waking up about now and I don’t think he’d appreciate waking up to an empty bed, let alone an empty room.”

He kissed his mom and went out the door to return to his room. He opened it and looked inside, Cole was still asleep. He closed the door and the noise from it woke Cole. He stretched and reached over to where Devon should have been and, not feeling him there, looked around. He saw Devon entering the room, fully dressed. He jumped to a conclusion. “Where were you? Getting a morning quickie from Tom?” He said sarcastically.

“Cole! Why would you think that! I was next door talking to Mom.”

“Then why do you look so upset? Mad, cuz I caught you?”

“No. That’s not it. I wasn’t going to tell you till after breakfast, but…” Devon sat next to Cole and put his arm over the boy’s naked shoulder. “We’re going to be here a few more days.”

“That’s your earth shattering announcement! Wait. Why are we going to be here a few more days?” Cole started looking concerned.

Devon didn’t say anything right away and Cole, jumping to another conclusion asked, “Is it my Mom? Did something happen?”

“Well, ” Devon stated, “something did happen, but not with your mom… well, not directly with your mom. The cops that arrested your dad forgot to read him his rights so they had to let him go.”

“What about what he did to Mom? They can still hold him on that, can’t they?”

“Your mom refused to press charges.”

Cole looked into Devon’s eyes and began to cry. “I’m sorry for doubting you. You are the one person in this whole fucked up world who really loves me no matter what, and I thought such wicked things about where you were. Can you ever forgive me?”

Devon held Cole in a tight embrace. “Honey, as you said, no matter what, I’ll always love you. I might have thought the same thing if it were me waking up and finding you the way you found me. My Mom will deal with this. In the meantime, we get to stay here a couple more days and have some more fun.”

“Yeah, but Tom’s leaving.”

“Maybe not.” Devon was devising an idea. He picked up the phone and called his mother’s room. “Hey Mom. I just told Cole about what happened and he’s kinda upset. But he’ll be okay. Um, can I ask you a favor?”

“What do you want, Devon.” Donna knew the tone her son was using. He was going to ask something he expected her to say NO to.

“Remember the kid we met yesterday? He lives between here and our place, and, Cole and I were wondering if you could call his parents and arrange for him to stay with us and we can bring him back when we leave.”

Donna was dumbfounded. She had 2 boys she was responsible for and he’s asking her to take on another? One they just met? “I don’t know if it’s a good idea, honey.”

“Cole’s really upset and he and I both like Tom a whole lot. It will help Cole to relax again.”

Donna caved in. “What room number?”

“He’s in 403 and his parents are in 405. Their name is Wheeler.”

“I’ll call, but no promises.”

Devon hung up the phone, looked at Cole who was wiping the tears from his face and said, “Now we wait.”

Donna hung up the phone and thought, ‘I can’t believe that kid. But I can understand how Cole is feeling. I’ll call, but I don’t expect the parents to agree.’

She reached for the phone and dialed the Wheeler’s room.


“Hello Mrs. Wheeler. My name is Donna Williams. Our sons met yesterday at the pool.”

“Oh, Yes Mrs Williams. Nice to speak with you, Tom had wonderful things to say about your boys.”

“Well, that’s the reason for my call. We’ve had a change of plans and we’re going to be here another few days, and Devon and Cole asked if I could call you and see if Tom could stay with us. I’ll keep an eye on him.”

Mrs Wheeler laughed, “Well, you tell your sons it won’t be a problem. Tom’s birthday is day after tomorrow and he hasn’t told us what he wanted for his birthday. Why don’t we just extend our trip as well. I really love this hotel.”

“That would be wonderful. I’m sure all 3 of the boys will be ecstatic! We were just about to go downstairs to the restaurant for breakfast, would you and your family care to join us?”

“I think that would be lovely, Mrs. Williams. We will be there in 30 minutes.”

“Great, and please, call me Donna.”

Hearing this caused Mrs. Wheeler to laugh. “Your name is Donna? Isn’t that funny, we have the same name!”

Both women laughed and agreed to meet at the restaurant in 30 minutes, Donna asked Donna not to tell Tom that the boys were staying on, it would make a nice birthday present. Little did Tom’s mother know how nice a birthday present it was.

She decided not to tell Devon and Cole. She wanted to surprise them too. She called over to the boy’s room and told them she didn’t know anything, Tom’s parents were going to call her back or page her if she were out at breakfast. She said, “Get ready now, I am hungry. I want to be at the restaurant within the next 30 minutes.”

“Okay, Mom, we’ll be ready.” Then Devon hung up the phone, turned to Cole and said, “She don’t know yet, but we’re gonna have breakfast so get up and get dressed. Oh, and Cole… I love you.”

Cole smiled, “I love you too, now, where are my underwear!”

The boys were dressed in a flash. 25 minutes later they were walking up to the restaurant and Cole saw Tom and his family waiting in line at the restaurant. He yelled to him and Tom heard, turned around and waved. When he saw Cole and Devon his frown turned upside down and he had a smile from ear to ear.

The boys began talking a mile a minute. Donna, Tom’s mom, asked her son, “Who are these very fine looking boys, Tommy?”

“Mom, I told you not to call me that! This is Devon, and this is Cole. They’re the guys I hung out with yesterday.”

Devon and Cole got the double meaning Tom made with his ‘hung out with’ comment. So did Devon’s mother. She just roller her eyes slightly, not enough to be seen, and kept her mouth shut. Until, that is, she heard Tom introducing her. “Mom, Dad, this is Devon’s mom, Mrs. Williams.”

“Oh, he said Devon’s Mom, not Devon and Cole’s Mom?” Mr. Wheeler asked.

“Devon is my son, Mr. Wheeler. Cole is his best friend. He’s staying with us while his family deals with a crisis.”

“Nothing too serious, I hope, young man.” Mr. Weeler said, speaking to Cole.

“I’m not sure, sir, but Dev’s mom says it will all work out, so that’s good enough for me.” Cole replied.

“I’m glad to hear that, son.” Mr. Wheeler then turned to Donna (Devon’s Mom), “We were just about to have a late breakfast, would you care to join us?”

Devon and Cole looked at their Donna, and Tom looked at his and all 3 simultaneously said, “Pleeeeeeeease!” The adults laughed and Mr. Wheeler said, “I guess it’s all set.” He turned to the hostess. “6 for Brunch, please.”

“Right this way, Sir.” The hostess said with a smile.

Breakfast was a blur. Tom and Devon and Cole were chattering away, and Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler got a chance to get to know Donna. They were very impressed that she was a Doctor, not to mention chief of staff of the Emergency Department at the hospital. By the end of the meal, Tom’s parents were well at ease with their son spending time with her boys.

Then the parents dropped the bombshell. “Boys. Excuse me, Boys.” Mr. Wheeler said. As soon as he had quiet he said, “We have been talking and Mrs. Williams agrees. We’re all going to stay for 3 more days so we can celebrate Tommy’s, sorry son, Tom’s 15th birthday. You three can spend as much time as you like together. All I ask is that we are kept informed as to where you will be and that we all meet for Breakfast and Dinner each day. Is that acceptable?”

Everyone agreed. Tom was beaming he was so happy. Cole almost forgot the problems he was avoiding by being here. Devon was happy, if only to see Cole happy.

They finished breakfast and the adults had a minor argument over who pays the bill. They agreed that Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler would pay for 2 dinners and 1 breakfast, and Donna would pay the remaining meals. Each would be responsible for their own lunches. Donna grabbed the check.

“May we be excused?” Tom asked, receiving a nod from his father. Donna looked at Devon and Cole and said, “Where are you guys going to be?”

“We’re going to watch a movie in the room, is that okay?” Cole asked.

“Sure. I don’t have to warn you, do I?” She looked at Mr. Wheeler who was smiling and said, “Boys!”

“Don’t I know it!” Mrs. Wheeler laughed.

With that, the boys vanished into thin air, or so it seemed.


The 3 boys piled into the elevator. Tom was looking at both of the other two and as the elevator went up, so did something else on Tom. When the elevator door opened, they raced to the room. Cole opened the door with his key card and they went in. Tom jumped up onto the bed, Cole and Devon sat in the chairs.

“So, how do you feel today about what we did yesterday, as if I don’t already know.” Devon asked Tom.

“It was awesome. I gotta say, I was scared shitless for a while yesterday, but there wasn’t anything we did that I didn’t like. I even ate my cum when I jacked off last night.” He chuckled, because boys at his age don’t giggle… yeah… right.

“So, what do you want to do today?” Cole asked.

Tom got quiet for a minute. “Um, what does it feel like to get fucked?”

“I told you yesterday, ” Devon began, “it’s the best. But it does hurt a little at first, but only for a very short time, then there’s nothing better, at least I think so.”

“You want to try it?” Cole asked, hoping beyond hope he would say yes.

“I’m not sure.” Tom said blushing deep crimson red.

“I have an idea, Tom.” Devon offered. “Why don’t I let you fuck me. Then if you want to, Cole can do you. He’s a little bit thinner than me and it won’t hurt quite as much.”

“You’re gonna let me fuck you?” Tom asked.

“If that is what you want to do.” Devon replied.

“Okay, yeah, sure. That sounds awesome!” Tom replied, trying to convince himself.

“Great!” Devon said, reaching into his bag and taking out the box of condoms his mother had gotten for him. Tom was already hard so Devon opened up the package and while he was rolling the condom down Tom’s steel dick, Cole had fished out the lube and was lubing up Devon’s hole with 2 fingers. Devon pressed back a little, enjoying the feeling he was getting from Cole’s fingers.

“Why are we putting this on?” Tom asked.

“It’s called safe sex. I promised my mom that if I had sex with anyone except Cole, I’d use one.” As he said it, he realized he’d already broken that rule with Matt.

“Oh. Okay. I’ve never used one before.” Tom said.

Once Cole had lubed Devon up well, he put a little on his hands and rubbed it all over Tom’s condom coated dick. Devon lay on his back and pulled his legs up to his chest. Tom got the first look at another boy’s rosebud. Cole told him to put the head of his dick right on the pucker and push firmly. Devon helped out by willing himself to open up a little and the head of Tom’s pole started to penetrate Devon.

Tom was moving as if he were in slow-motion. Devon actually thought the very slow entry was intensifying the pleasure and made a mental note to have Cole try it. Tom was almost in sensory overload with all the sensations he was feeling in his cock head. He was still pushing in and after a moment or two the head of his dick was fully inside. Reflexively, he stopped. Mainly because of all the sensation he was feeling and he didn’t want to cum too fast.

Devon loved the feeling of Tom’s dick head inside him. He looked at Tom and said, “Okay, that feels great for me. Do you like it?”

“Fuck yeah!” Tom replied.

“Now, push more in slowly until you’re all the way in.” Devon coached.

Tom started pushing more of his dick inside Devon’s waiting hole. It was an amazing sight for him to watch as his dick started to slowly disappear into that small opening in Devon’s backside. After about a minute of slow entry, Tom was all the way inside and Devon felt the boy’s pubic hair on his cheeks.

“Great, just hold there for a second then start to pull it out, but not all the way. Then push back in until you’re all the way in.” Cole instructed.

Tom proved to be a good student because after a few seconds he began to pull out, stopping when the ridge of his head was pushing on the inside of Devon’s anal ring. He stopped for a second or two then began pushing it back in. “Oh my fucking god, this is hot!” He exclaimed.

“Okay, ” Devon said, “it’s pretty hot for me too. You feel great inside me. Now, start fucking me faster.”

Tom began to increase the speed and after a short time he was rapidly pulling his dick out to the ridge and pushing it home again. Devon was moaning loudly in pleasure. As with most first timers, Tom didn’t last long. “OH MY GOD I’M CUMMING!!!!” He screamed and filled the condom with his seed.

Devon could feel the flexing of Tom’s dick, but didn’t feel the cum because of the rubber, he grabbed his dick and jacked it rapidly while Tom was having his orgasm. Tom’s eyes were shut tight and Devon wanted to cum before he opened them. He was going to try to boost boy’s ego by saying that his fucking had made him cum. Devon finally came right before Tom opened his eyes. Cole was rubbing his fingers through the cum on Devon’s belly.

“You came too?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, ” Devon replied, “if you get a good enough fuck, it’ll stimulate you to the point of cumming without being touched. You did good, bro.”

Tom pulled his dick out of Devon’s backside and saw the end of the condom was completely full of cum. He rolled it off his dick and held the condom so it hung down. “I never knew how much cum came out. Is this a lot?”

“Yeah, you pack a pretty good load in them low hangers you got!” Cole exclaimed.

“So what did you think?” Devon asked as he lowered his legs to the bed.”

“Oh that was fucking awesome!” Tom yelled.

“You wanna try taking me up your poop chute?” Cole asked.

“I dunno. Does it hurt real bad?” Tom asked a little nervous.

“I won’t lie to you, bro. It hurts a little the first time, but it doesn’t last long and the pleasure you get after way makes up for the initial pain. But if you don’t wanna, we can do it another time. You can suck Cole off if you would rather.” Devon said.

“You guys wont be pissed at me if you can’t fuck me?” Tom said meekly.

“Nah! Our mentor says ‘If it isn’t right for both, it isn’t right for either.'” Cole said.

Devon was proud of Cole for using that quote. It was obvious it made Tom feel better.

“Ok, then I think I’d rather wait till next time. But the first one to do me will be you, Cole. Ok?”

“Yeah, it’s cool.” Cole said as he gave Tom a hug.

“Um, Cole? Can I suck you, please.” Tom asked in a pleading voice.

“Your wish is my command, bud. I’m seriously boned so go for it!” Cole joked.

Tom didn’t waste any time, he buried his head in Cole’s lap and started going down on him. He again took too much and gagged a little.

“Dude, when you feel the head starting to touch the back of your throat, try swallowing, and when you do, try to take more of the dick into your throat.” Cole suggested.

When Tom felt the head of Cole’s dick touch the back of his throat, he swallowed and pushed his head down and Cole’s dick slid easily into his throat.

“Now, don’t leave it there too long cuz you can’t breathe. But every time you want to go all the way down, swallow like that, it’s called deep throating.” Cole said.

Tom used this newfound knowledge and gave Cole a very nice blow. He varied his speed and depth, he used his tongue in all the right places, and, surprisingly, he didn’t scrape Cole’s dick with his teeth at all.

Cole was running his fingers through Tom’s hair when he felt the familiar sensation of his orgasm building. “I’m gonna cum, dude, get ready!”

Tom pulled back so the head and maybe half an inch of Cole was inside his warm mouth. Moments later he felt the head of Cole’s dick swell and was rewarded with a spray of thin immature sperm. He swallowed in time for the next volley. For his second attempt, he gave Cole a very good blow job.

When Cole finished cumming, Tom licked the head clean then allowed Cole’s dick to slip out of his mouth. Cole said, “Come here you!”

Tom moved closer and Cole grabbed him by the neck and gave him a deep tongue kiss, tasting the remains of his seed in Tom’s mouth. Tom really loved kissing.

The 3 lay on the bed next to each other, this time with Tom in the middle and the two younger boys cuddling up to him. Tom thought he liked this feeling too.

“Heck guys, two days ago I was frustrated cuz I couldn’t find anyone to do this stuff with. Now I’ve found you two and know what I’ve been missing. I know for a fact now that I’m 100% gay, and you know what? I’m happy about it!”

“That’s cool, Tom. We’re happy about it too. Both that you know and are happy and that we do about ourselves too.” Cole said wondering if that made any sense.

They cuddled like that until they all fell asleep.

Coming Soon — Chapter 15 — BUSTED!


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  1. I’m sure glad I got a keyboard cover for my new laptop … 🙂

  2. OK, I am busted too, I should have known it was a lesson coming. This though was really really hot, thanks


  3. Oh that was fucking awesome!” Matt yelled.
    How the “F” did Matt get into this scene. I know! It is “hard” to get all the details straight (Pardon that word) when you are pounding one out (a story on the keyboard, you one tracked little monsters) but I don’t think that I heard Matt come into the room. (Smirk & Snicker)


    • Okay, thanks for pointing it out… it’s been fixed. Yes, no matter how often or hard you edit, and even have someone else read it, some stuff slips through. Thanks to readers like you, we sometimes get it right.

  4. Glad to be of service.
    Sorry about the “Smirk & Snicker” I am in a playful mood today, and that is the way my humor expresses itself.


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