Speedo Boys by Hermes
A story of love and discovery.

Speedo Boys – Chapter 01

This story is my first endeavor in writing, even though I have been reading stories for many years. I believe I have taken some of what I have read from some of my favorite Authors and put my own twist on it. I hope you like my writing style. I do think that since this is my first story, I should take a moment to express my gratitude to the authors that have molded my style, even though some of them may not be around any more for whatever reason, I still think it appropriate to mention a word of thanks to them, so, in no particular order, I want to thank, Justin Case, Amateurishwriter, Cole Parker, Boystory, and Niftyguy, just to name a few. I would appreciate any feedback of a positive nature, and of course, flames will be ignored.


This story may involve sexual contact between Adult Men and Younger Males, two Boys, or two Adult Men. If this type of story is not to your liking, or for any reason is forbidden where you live, please, PLEASE, delete this file and stop. If this is to your tastes, then I hope you enjoy this story, for that is all it is. Fiction, Fantasy, the musing of the Author’s mind written and shared with you. I do not in any way condone, support, or promote any illegal act in any jurisdiction. But, thank God, we still have the right to SAY anything as long as we don’t DO anything.

This is a ‘special’ edition of Speedo Boys, specially crafted for you. If you read this version it differs slightly from the original posted on other sites. I hope you enjoy this edition.

So, without any further ado, Please enjoy.


* * *

Speedo Boys
Chapter 1 — The Meeting

It was a hot summer Sunday afternoon on the day I moved into my new Beach house. I had been working for years and finally had realized my dream. I had enough in savings to spend anything I like and still live quite comfortably for as long as I may live. I am unmarried, have no brothers or sisters, my Parents have been gone for many years, so I am quite literally responsible only to myself. My investments make more on a monthly basis than I could ever hope to spend.

Sounds like a wonderful life, doesn’t it? Well… It Sucks.

After all, what good is having EVERYTHING when you have NOBODY to share it with? Needless to say, I was lonely. My last lover/boyfriend ran off with some bartender he met one night. So, I simply decided to splurge and buy myself something I always wanted. This house. Right on a sunny California beach. But, I digress.

The day I moved into the house, after finishing my final unpacking, I decided to lounge around on the deck overlooking the beach and the mighty Pacific Ocean.

I spent some time sitting, watching the people walking by, when I noticed something I hadn’t seen since my vacation on the beaches of Europe. A boy, maybe 13 years old. I’d seen many a boy here in Cali, but most of them when at the beach wore those long, Boardie type swim trunks. But this boy was wearing one of the most magnificent Speedo suits I’d ever seen. It looked like it had been airbrushed with oranges, and blacks, and blues, and yellows. It was just amazing.

As I watched him walk by, he passed me and I was able to make out what the design was. Right there plastered across his beautiful back end was a sunset. A beautiful sunset that reminded me of those you see only in the Islands.

It was utterly amazing. A moment later, he spun around, still walking backwards and looked directly at me, confirming that I had been watching him specifically. He grinned and waved, turned around and dashed off and out of sight.

For a few days, I sat out on the deck, hoping to see him again, but alas, it was not to be. At least, not yet.

* * *

A few weeks later, on a Saturday afternoon, I was again lounging on my deck, enjoying one of my favorite pastimes. Watching People have fun. It’s amazing how it lifts your spirits to simply see others having a good time.

In my musings, I noticed a group of boys walking in my direction. I quickly noticed that there were five of them. All about 13 years old, and all wearing Speedos. They walked towards my place and I could see them talking among each other and giggling. Well, boys at that age more laugh than giggle, but to me, it sounded like a giggle. You know… a laugh caused by embarrassment rather than humor.

They passed my place and a few hundred feet past they stopped, huddled into a circle for a moment and all of them, save one, burst out into laughter. The one who didn’t turned toward me and started walking up to my deck.

When he arrived, he looked up at me and shouted, “HI I’m Devon. I saw you a few weeks ago and it seemed like you were checking me out.”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” I replied, “but I hadn’t seen a boy in a speedo, at least here, for a LONG time, and I was impressed. Besides, you’re not hard to look at.” I said that last part with a wink. He laughed at my last comment.

“Hey,” I said to him, “if you and your friends are thirsty, you can come up here and chill. I’ve got plenty of Cokes and other sodas in the cooler.” With that he smiled and said he’d ask his friends. He then turned and half walked and half ran to his friends. They talked and laughed for a few minutes then, en masse, they started to come up to my deck. They climbed the stairs, and came over to me.

“Grab some deck chairs and have a seat, guys. There’s a bunch of cokes in the fridge, so, help yourselves, it should be unlocked.”

One of the boys walked over to the fridge I had installed into a wall of the house. It had a keypad lock that prevented anyone from raiding my private drink cooler when I wasn’t here to watch it. Isn’t it great what money will buy when you have it?

The boy returned with 6 Cokes. One for each of them and, surprisingly, he thought of me and grabbed one for me.

After about a half an hour of just idle banter, talking about them, or me, or the new town I moved into, just stuff any ‘neighbors’ would talk about. I had found out their names, there was James, Cole, Robbie, Michael (who wanted to be called Michael, not Mike, and especially not Mikey), and of course Devon who had introduced himself to me earlier. I found out that they were all 13 years old, all attended the same school and were all going to be starting 8th grade in the fall.

All of them except Devon said goodbye and thanks. I told them that they were welcome to pop by for a soda any time they like. The four of them smiled, waved, and left.

That left me alone with Devon, sitting on the deck. I had noticed that he was a bit more reserved when his friends were around, but when they left he became more, well, bubbly is the best way to describe it. His expression had gone from very non-nonchalant to a big toothy smile.

Looking at him, he was a stunning boy. About 5 feet 6 inches tall, lean, tanned torso, his legs had stared to show the early stages of hair growth, and since he was only wearing his speedo, I could tell he had nothing to be embarrassed about in the nether regions.

I guess he noticed me ‘checking him out’ and he said, “I’m sorry if this is too personal, but, can I ask a question?”

“Sure, but, if it’s too personal, I may choose to answer with the fact that it’s my business, but I don’t mean anything bad by it.”

He was looking kind of like he was struggling with asking me. I just sat and let him figure out exactly what he wanted to say, even though I had a pretty good idea of what it was.

“Well, Um, you see, Are you… and it really don’t matter if you are or not, but… are you… Gay?”

I smiled having my suspicions of what he was going to ask confirmed. I looked at him, and smiled a warm smile and said, “Well, I really don’t keep it a secret but, yes, I am, why do you ask?”

He looked very nervous at this point, and I decided to let him say whatever he wanted, even if it was nothing.

A moment later he blushed a deep purple, stood and said, “Um… Look, I really gotta run, but can I come back and talk some more sometime?”

“Sure, anytime you like. I’m here most every afternoon.”

With that he smiled, waved, and walked, albeit at a fast pace, down the stairs, down the strand, and out of sight. I seriously doubted I’d be seeing any of them again. Or would I? I guess time will tell.

Coming Soon… Chapter 2 — Starting to build a friendship.


3 Responses to “Speedo Boys – Chapter 01”

  1. Me oh my, I do love Speedos on Boys and Boys in Speedos … but but but only the briefs mind you.

    Boardies or anything like them should be internationally outlawed and banned! Although – I have seen some boys who would look good in anything, even a gunny sack LOL!

  2. I have seen your story on Nifty for a long time and thought I would wait for more chapters to start reading it after the first chapter. Then I noticed you had read and commented on The Travis Theory and that led me to your site. Good start–boys in speedos at the beach–great site seeing! I hope I don’t stay up all night catching up.

  3. Are there anymore new chapters comming out soon?

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